Dear Colleagues,

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the 2nd International Conference on Immune Mechanisms in Vascular Disease and Stroke. It is our hope that this conference, held in Krakow’s beautiful Market Square, will provide the ideal setting for disseminating our latest research findings and for continuing the discussions and scientific exchanges initiated during our first meeting in Prato, Italy in 2013. We also hope that the meeting fosters the development of new research directions and collaborations in this emerging and exciting area of cardiovascular medicine.

We trust you will agree that we have assembled an exciting scientific program. This year’s program features talks by some familiar faces from our last meeting, as well as by several new faces from Europe and Australia, covering topics across the spectrum of cardiovascular, metabolic and immune disorders. As part of our objective to promote the careers of young scientists and to facilitate researcher exchanges between leading international research teams, we have also included a Young Investigator session, as well as a series of student poster presentations. Please take the time to attend this session and visit the posters so that our postdocs and students have the best opportunity to critically discuss their exciting research.

You will also notice that the final session of the conference is devoted to a “think-tank” on how we might work together to ensure that our research on immune mechanisms in vascular disease and stroke is published in the highest impact journals, supported by major international funding initiatives, and ultimately translated into clinical outcomes. Please keep these concepts at the forefront of your thinking throughout the conference so that you can contribute to what we hope will be a highly fruitful conclusion to the meeting.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask us and we look forward to spending the next two days enjoying each other's company and science!

Cochairs of the Organizing Committee

Prof. Tomasz Guzik Prof. Tomasz Grodzicki Prof. Grant Drummond Prof. Chris Sobey

Chairs & Faculty

Conference chairs

Tomasz Guzik (UJ Kraków)
Tomasz Grodzicki (UJ Kraków)
Grant Drummond (Monash Univ.)
Christopher  Sobey (Monash Univ.)


Myriam Aouadi (Sweden)
Thiruma Arumugam (SG/KOR)
Przemysław Błyszczuk (SUI/PL)
Alex Bobik (AUS)
Jaye Chin-Dusting (AUS)
Marta Cześnikiewicz-Guzik (PL)
Grant Drummond (AUS)
Tomasz Dziedzic (PL)
Bernardo Franklin (DE)
Mathias Gelderblom (DE)
Tomasz Grodzicki (PL)
Tomasz Guzik (PL)
Andreas Habenicht (DE)
Helena Kim (AUS)
Pasquale Maffia (UK)
Tim Magnus (DE)
Ashley Mansell (AUS)
Tomasz Mikolajczyk (PL)
Claudia Monaco (UK)
Augusto Montezano (UK)
Dominik Mueller (DE)
Andrew Murphy (AUS)
Rafał Olszanecki (PL)
Karlheinz Peter (AUS)
Joanna Pera (PL)
Mateusz Siedlinski (PL)
Agnieszka Słowik (PL)
Christopher Sobey (AUS)
Tin Soe Kyaw (AUS)
Katarzyna Stolarz-Skrzypek (PL)
Joanna Sulicka (PL)
Ban-Hock Toh (AUS)
Philip Wenzel (DE)
Georg Wick (AUT)
Robert Widdop (AUS)
Antony  Vinh (AUS)